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Multi-Purpose Cleaner Tools Car Restorer Strong Decontamination Sofas Kitchen Shoes Car Wash

Multi-Purpose Cleaner Tools Car Restorer Strong Decontamination Sofas Kitchen Shoes Car Wash

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null


Item Volume: 50ML150ML300ML500ML


Model Number: Foamy Car Interior Leather Wash

Special Features: Foamy Car Interior Leather Wash

Foamy Car Interior Leather Wash: Leather Wash

Multi-Purpose Cleaner Tools: Car Restorer Strong Decontamination

Sofas Wash: Car Interior Wash

Kitchen Wash: Car Leather Wash

Shoes: Car Strong Decontamination



1.Long-term smoking causes the car ceiling to turn yellow.

2.Traveling with pets leads to the proliferation of bacteria from their fur.

3.Long-standing stains are challenging to remove.


Don't waste time and energy,money on meaningless products made with old technology!

1、Our new multi surface cleaner is made of the latest progress in nanotechnology, which can effectively remove dirt and grime at the molecular level.

2、This specialized leather cleaner is designed to effectively assist with cleaning.

3、It is an eco-friendly formula infused with orange oil, offering abundant foam for convenient, efficient, and thorough cleaning.

Gift. Nano Magic Sponge wipe

Trust me!! You will be surprised how strong it cleans!!
Cleaning power super nano sponge wipe, high density, can be very strong adsorption stains ~

Doubles as an Air Freshener

1. Compared to some traditional cleaners, The product utilizes an environmentally friendly formula with orange oil, which is extracted from natural plants and does not contain harmful chemicals.

2. Emitting a pleasant citrus fragrance. This makes the cleaning process more enjoyable and leaves you with a refreshing sensation.

Highly concentrated for superior foam

1.It can be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1 to 1:5, depending on the severity of your stains. after adding water, 500ML can be equivalent to =2500ML at most

Rich foam

1. we will provide a mousse bottle specifically designed for creating rich foam.

2. Say goodbye to time-consuming cleaning and enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of our powerful formula.

Innovative Car Cleaning Solution for All Your Needs

1.Car cleaning: Suitable for cleaning car exteriors, wheels, windows, and interior surfaces.

2.Home cleaning: Ideal for kitchen countertops, cabinets, bathroom tiles, showers, and toilets.

3.Furniture cleaning: Effective for cleaning and dusting furniture, sofas, and chairs.

4.Office environments: Great for cleaning desks, computer keyboards, and printers.

5.Commercial spaces: Perfect for maintaining cleanliness in restaurants, hotels, and shops.

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