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Professional Racing Car High Speed Off-Road Drift Remote Control Toys

Professional Racing Car High Speed Off-Road Drift Remote Control Toys

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Brand Name: JCMO


Recommend Age: 14+y

Is Electric: lithium battery


Material: Metal

Material: plastic

Model Number: SG116 MAX

Design: Cars

Wheelbase: 185mm

Tire Track: 188mm

Dimensions: 30*23*11.5 CM

Remote Distance: for SG116MAX about 300m

Type: Car

Package Includes: batteries

Package Includes: Operating Instructions

Package Includes: Remote Controller

Package Includes: USB CABLE

Remote Control: Yes

Scale: 1:16

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go


Power: 4WD

Flight Time: for SG116MAX about 40min


ZLL SG116 MAX RC Car Brushless Motor 4WD RC Car 80KM/H Professional Racing Car 2.4G High Speed Off-Road Drift Cars SG116PRO 40KM/H Remote Control Toys

SG116 MAX (brushless motor) Recommended!

Driving motor: 4000KV 2847 Brushless Motor
Scale: 1:16
Color: Blue Black
Size: 30*23*11.5CM
ESC: 35A 2S Splashproof
Maximum Speed: 80KM/H
Body Battery: 18650-7.4V/1500mAh 15C
Working time: 30-40 mins
Charging time: 3-3.5 Hours
Remote control distance: about 300M
Remote Control Battery: 3*AA not included

SG116 PRO (carbon brush motor)

Driving motor: RC390 high-speed carbon brush strong magnetic field
Scale: 1:16
Color: Purple green
Size: 30*23*11.5CM
ESC: 30A 2S Splashproof
Maximum speed: 40KM/H
Body Battery: 7.4V/1300mAh 10C
Working time: 20-30 Mins
Charging time: 3-3.5 Hours
Remote control distance: about 150M
Remote control Battery: 3*AA not included

Features of SG116MAX

1. It adopts the simulation structure design, which has the control feeling of a real car, and realizes full-scale continuously variable transmission, high-speed driving, rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking, reversing, turning left, turning right;
2. Applicable venues: flat ground, sandy ground, muddy ground, grassland.
3. Four-wheel drive: front and rear upright spring shock absorption, double wishbone independent suspension system;
4. 2.4G full-scale synchronous remote control system. Full-scale throttle/steering;
5. Metal differential, metal differential cup, powder planetary gear, powder driving gear, powder main gear;
6. Metal CVD front drive shaft, metal rear dog bone, metal wheel cup;
7. Three-line 17G digital steering gear;
8. 7.4V, 18650-1500mAh Li-ion battery (T plug), discharge rate 15C;
9. Adjust the size of the rudder;
10. The whole car adopts 16 ball bearings;
11. Metal second floor, metal front and rear arm yards, metal middle drive shaft;
12. The car shell is made of high toughness explosion-proof PVC car shell;
13. Equipped with LED headlights; (three modes: constant light, slow flash, fast flash);
14. Equipped with lifting wheels;
15. Simulation big foot tires, strong grip.

Packing List:

1* Remote control car (SG116 PRO or SG116MAX optional)
1* Remote control (3*AA not included)
1* Instruction manual
1* 2* 3* Lithium battery (optional)
1* USB balanced charging
1* Tail wing
1* Shock absorber adjustment buckle
1* Metal bolt
1* Cross screwdriver
1* Hexagonal socket


1. Charging protection: constant current and constant voltage balanced charging, protection function for battery overcharge and overcurrent.
2. Motor anti-jamming protection: When overloaded, the motor stops working.
3. High temperature protection: When the working temperature is higher than the setting, the drive control circuit stops working, and resumes working after the temperature drops to a safe value.
4. ESC low-voltage power-off function, when the battery is lower than 6.3-6.4V, it will automatically power off to prevent the battery from being damaged due to over-discharge.
5. This is not an ordinary toy remote control car, because the remote control car is too fast, it is recommended to use remote control car in open areas to avoid bumping into obstacles.
6. The retail package is made of foam boxes, which can reduce the damage to the product during transportation. Original boxes are not included.

Comparison of two different versions

The comparison of the two parts is as follous, choose what you like.

SG116 MAX High Speed Racing Car

All- terrain adaptation | Proportion| Brushless motor | Off road chassis

SG116 MAX Brushless motor

It adopts front and rear four drive force design, equipped with brushless motor, strong power control, large independent shock, and can cope with all kinds of simple rough road sections.

1:16 Scale | Proportion | Hasten | 2.4G Remote | LED Light | Hollow Tires | 35A 2S ESC Splashproof | 17G Servo | Differential | Metal Turning | Shock Absorber | Ball Bearing | Lithium Battery | Off Road Chassis | Multiple Venues Playable | 4WD| Gas Pedal

Professional Full Scale Adjustment

All-terrain adaptation
SG116 PRO: the speed can reach 40KM/H,
SG116 MAX: the speed can reach 80KM/H.

Head-up Wheel Adjust Stability

It can better adjust the stability of the body when landing on a flying slope.
Reduce the difficulty and get started quickly.

Four Drive Force Climbing Ability

The front and rear differentials have been upgraded to metal, making every turn more natural.

Brushless Motor Power Delivery

Achieve high-speed driving. Instant sharp acceleration & deceleration braking. The top speed can reach 80km/h.

Spring-loaded Shock Absorbers

Independent spring shock absorber: Excellent shock absorption, drive more smoothly.

Two Options Brushless & Carbon Brush Off-Road Vehicle

Strong power domination, large independent suspension. It can cope with all kinds of simple rough road sections.
SG116 PRO The speed can reach 40KM per hour,
SG116 MAX The speed can reach 80KM per hour.

Anti- skid Wear Resistant Tires

Better wear resistance for a wide range of road conditions.

Conquer All Kinds of Terrain

Be truly Fearless!
Make the controls even more fun
Flat Grould | Mountain Road | Off-Road | Rock

Chassis Structure | Body Structure

Model grade chassis. Compact without losing order.
Reasonable heat dissipation system makes the mator not easily damaged.

IPX4 Level Splash-Proof Water ESC

Vehicle ESC is a brand independent research and development of integrated connection control, low voltage power off temperature control protection, anti-motor jamming, waterproof coefficient up to IPX4.

LED Lights Smooth at nighit

The whole Car adopts 4 high- brightness LEDs in
front of the headights. Let your outdoor driving meet dark places.

High Toughness Material

High toughness explosion- proof material.

Infinitely variable tranmission

It can be controlled at wil from low speed to high speed by throttle trigger.

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